Our Governing Body

The Governing Body at Springwell Lincolnshire is made up of  people who are incredibly skilled and knowledgeable, and will provide challenge and support to our leadership team to drive up standards at Springwell Lincolnshire.

Policies relating to Governance, including Schemes for Delegation, can be found on the Trust’s website here

The Chair of Governors can be contacted via:
Springwell Alternative Academy Lincoln
Macaulay Drive

The Governing Body meets every half term. We are currently looking to appoint two Parent Governors. If you are interested and have children whom either attend any Springwell Lincolnshire site, or who attend a different school but are of school age, please email Kate Storr, Clerk to the Governors: k.storr@wellspringacademies.org.uk

Details of Springwell Lincolnshire Governing Body Meetings for 2021-22 are as follows. Unless otherwise stated, all meetings are held at the Lincoln school (Macaulay Drive, LN2 4EL) and commence at 4.30pm:

Wednesday 13th October 2021

Tuesday 23rd November 2021

Tuesday 8th March 2022

Tuesday 10th May 2022

Tuesday 28th June 2022

[last meeting of the academic year to be determined]


Details of the members of our Governing Body:

Dr Stephen Holloway (Chair) – appointed 24.05.2017 (Springwell Trust)

Re-elected as Chair 8th July 2021 for 4 years

Link Governor for Spalding

Responsible for Leadership & Management

Responsible for Business & Finance

Responsible for Community Engagement

Responsible for Health & Safety & Premises


Kevin Moody – appointed 05.12.2019; elected as Vice Chair 06.02.2020

Link Governor for Mablethorpe



Responsible for Teaching & Learning

Responsible for Curriculum

Responsible for Standards & Achievement


David Reed – appointed 21.05.2020 (Springwell Trust)

Responsible for Safeguarding


Christine Stanley – appointed 05.12.2019 (Springwell Trust)

Link Governor for Grantham


Josh Greaves, Ex Officio, appointed 30.09.2020


Dale Kitchen – appointed 05.12.2019 (Staff)



Previous members of the Governing Body over the last 12 months:

Jack Saville – appointed 21.03.2019 (Staff), resigned 31st August 2020

Mark Wilson – Ex Officio, appointed 17.10.2019, resigned 29th September 2020

Guy Morris – appointed 24.05.2017 (Springwell Trust), resigned 16th February 2021

Claire Buffham – appointed 01.04.2017 (Springwell Trust), resigned 8th July 2021


Declarations of Interest:

Josh Greaves: Director 5 Claremont Terrace Management Co Ltd (01.09.13); Opening Doors Greenacre CIC (20.06.14); Fair Trade Yorkshire CIC (23.04.15).

Dr Stephen Holloway is Local Councillor Fiskerton, Rotherham; Director of Metalysis, Rotherham; Member of the Institute of Directors; Director of Combustion Order Ltd.


Minutes from Governing Body meetings:

These are available upon request from Kate Storr, Clerk to the Governors: k.storr@wellspringacademies.org.uk

Please click here to see Governor attendance at meetings for the academic year 2020-21