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It is always helpful for parents and carers to know what topics their children will be studying, especially if their teacher gives them a homework!

We teach our classes in Key Stage groups, rather than Year Groups, but your child will always be set work that is both age appropriate and differentiated for them – so it won’t be too easy, but it will give them enough challenge to learn.

Key Stage 1 (Years 1-3) will be studying the bounce theme in September. This means that most of their lessons will be linked to this topic in some way. If you would like to help them do some research over the summer holidays so they start September as ‘experts’ that would be fabulous.

Key Stage 2 (Years 4-6) will be studying mighty metals, burps, bottoms and bile and scream machine theme in September. Again, any help you can give your child in doing some background research or reading would be amazing.

Key Stage 3 (years 7-9) will also be studying a thematic curriculum. This is unusual in mainstream secondary schools, but due to the way our School is set up it make a lot of sense, it also allows us to bring in lots of different ways of learning that a mainstream might not be able to – such as keeping a piece of work going all morning as the students are so engaged, or preparing a 3 course meal linked to the topic or country they are researching, or taking a trip to see something in the area which will help us to understand more clearly the work we are doing. In the spring term our students will be studying ‘Russia’ as their theme! This will cover everything from the Gothic Horror Literature of Dracula to learning Russian in MFL to making Chicken Kiev’s in Food Technology!

Primary Curriculum:

KS3 Curriculum:

KS4 Curriculum

Students at KS4 have historically been placed on full time Alternative Provision (placements) by Springwell Lincolnshire. This is evolving to bring students into centre more to ensure they make progress and have gainful qualifications to enhance their ability to engage with P16 provision.

Students will still access some AP, this is now rigorously checked and monitored by Springwell Lincolnshire and Wellspring, and we are developing accreditation pathways for each child to ensure that they have the best chance of success. Where students have been out of ‘formal’ education for a number of terms, this ‘re-integration’ to centre will be phased and in small steps to give the best chance of success.

AP will be tailored to the needs and the past successes and interests of the students.

ECDL – we will be looking to ensure that all students will access and complete ECDL from September 2016. This may be as part of a year-long course, or through deep immersion days where students receive intensive teaching.

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